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Must Have Tech Tools for Startup Success

Startups face challenges such as managing tech needs, ensuring communication and controlling costs. Discover how the right technology can help your startup achieve its goals without compromising performance.

When every dollar counts and teams are required to wear many hats, startups face challenges such as managing tech needs, ensuring seamless communication and controlling costs. To navigate these challenges startups need tech tools. Mobility, licensing, communication and project management tools can help startups stretch their dollars further while allowing them to focus on innovation and growth.

Essential Tech Tools for Startups

Looking to spend more time focusing on doing what you love? The right technology tools are essential. Apple Business Manager for Apple devices and Microsoft Autopilot for other endpoints are invaluable for managing your team’s tech needs. These mobility tools ensure that your team has access to all necessary software, regardless of their location. With Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Autopilot, you can remotely configure and deploy newly purchased laptops, assist remote workers in installing software and onboard new hires without being physically present.

Stretch your budget further without compromising your team's performance and results. Inscape can help you streamline how you track your organization’s Microsoft licensing and cloud environments, ensuring you know exactly who holds which licenses and how your cloud spending is allocated. This tool helps you manage costs efficiently, ensuring your team has the necessary licenses to perform their roles effectively while identifying savings opportunities and ensuring efficient fund allocation. Additionally, Inscape tracks license usage, so when people are hired or change roles, you can quickly reassign or cancel their licenses, avoiding unnecessary expenses and accommodating a fluctuating number of users and licenses.

When sharing great ideas back and forth is a part of your daily life, collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex facilitate communication, ensuring team members stay connected regardless of their location. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex integrate chat, high-quality video conferencing, file sharing and other team collaboration features to maintain clear communication and foster teamwork. Your team will be set up with meeting reminders, recording features and an organized file-sharing system, so no great idea has to be put on hold.

For project management, CDW offers tools such as Asana, Microsoft Project/Visio and MindManager to provide the necessary structure to help your team keep track of their work. These tools are designed to manage tasks, timelines and resources effectively. Asana streamlines task assignments and progress tracking, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Microsoft Project/Visio offers advanced project planning and visualization capabilities, essential for managing complex projects and aligning them with business goals. MindManager aids in brainstorming and organizing ideas to foster innovative solutions. With these in your toolbox, your organization can achieve project milestones more efficiently, driving growth and success in a competitive market.

Do More, Faster

Keep the ideas flowing in your startup with the right tools that help avoid disruptions and win back precious time better spent on creativity. Equipped with these tools, startups can improve communication and boost operational efficiency to reach their goals faster, moving seamlessly from one ambitious endeavor to another. These tools are designed to support the goals and dreams of your business, enabling you to achieve success without compromising on performance or efficiency.


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Nikki Szanyi

Startup Manager
Nikki Szanyi is the Startup Manager for CDW. With a decade worth of experience in a variety of roles at CDW, Nikki is focused on supporting startups’ technology infrastructure as they grow and scale. Her goal is to inform, inspire and aid startups across the U.S. through CDW’s capabilities.