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A Plan For Streamlining Workspace and Device Management

Technology expertise that adapts to a company’s needs can achieve cost savings and greater business agility.

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Device Management Takes a Big Bite Out of Resources

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percentage of IT professionals who say resources drained by device management could be used on other strategic IT projects1

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percentage of managers who say they spend too much time procuring and managing devices1

How can IT teams evolve their workspaces?

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Partner Expertise Drills Down
to the Root of the Challenge

An industry-leading dental solutions provider was experiencing growing pains as they became an increasingly popular partner to dentistry practices around the world. They sought more robust workspaces and device management support to serve as the foundation for their expansion.
Working with CDW, the customer outlined their needs:
  • Advice from an experienced partner
  • Help controlling costs across a growing device fleet and workspace
  • Guidance on saving time when managing devices
  • Direction on protecting devices and data
  • Solutions for client device management within their SaaS offering

Persona Mapping Strengthens a Device Strategy

To create a plan for the growing needs of the dental solutions provider, CDW implemented its Modern Workspace Management approach.

The process began with a pre-sales assessment and consultation with CDW’s enterprise configuration experts, which led to user persona and outcome mapping by device type. A standardized kitting procedure with the Lenovo P15 and accessory selection was then prepared for each persona.

Once enacted, the customized plan deployed a combination of devices over the next 12 months. Each order included the pre-ship configuration, imaging, asset tagging, bundling and a welcome letter. The plan also engaged CDW’s buy and hold schedule so the company could forge ahead with confidence.
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CDW Modern Workspace Management
Our experts can help IT leaders dig into their employees’ needs, provide valuable persona planning and ultimately help produce a three- to five-year device roadmap with better business outcomes.
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Agile Workspace and Device Management Supports Growth and Decreases Costs

With CDW’s support plan for client device management, the dental solutions provider gained improved agility and lowered costs while enhancing security for client devices through their SaaS offering.
Here’s why it worked:
  • A technology partner dedicated to understanding an organization’s structure ensured the dental solutions provider received the right expert insights throughout the process.
  • Informed consultation ensured each device roadmap was properly aligned to each persona, helping employees achieve needed business outcomes.
  • A customized project plan established an appropriate order schedule and ensured device configuration was seamlessly integrated throughout the journey.
What’s next?
CDW can continue to help the dental solutions provider develop a strategy across the lifecycle of their device fleet, such as assisting employees with device management and planning ahead for device turnover.

1 Scalefusion, “Mobile Device Lifecycle Management: A Primer,” 2022

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