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February 15, 2021

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Android™ Enterprise Essentials Simplifies Mobile Security for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

By reducing the complexity of device management and security, Google™ lowers a barrier that many SMBs face.

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All too often, a desire for digital simplicity creates missed opportunities for SMBs.

For example, most businesses want better security, but the added complexity and financial costs that come with securing data and devices can prevent SMBs from pursuing this objective aggressively. Small and medium businesses tend to have small IT departments, and those departments often need to pick their battles.

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How big of a concern? According to Verizon’s 2020 Mobile Security Index Report, 39 percent of companies admitted to having suffered a compromise that included a mobile device. It’s definitely something that should be on the minds of IT administrators.

Android™ Enterprise Essentials: Mobile Security Simplified

Google™ recognized this challenge and developed its Android Enterprise Essentials offering, which takes a very Google approach to deployment: It’s simple and user-friendly.

End users receive devices with all policies applied automatically out-of-box ― they can just turn on the phone and start working. If the device gets lost, stolen or factory reset, its protections will stay in place. The management interface is simple: All devices can be viewed and managed via an easy-to-use portal. IT managers can remotely reset a password or wipe a device.

And because of Android’s device flexibility — representing 86 percent of the global smartphone market, Android Enterprise Essentials can be used on any GMS device 9.0 and above. This approach allows for the quick rollout of secure devices for many different use cases.

One Less Pain Point for Small and Medium Businesses

Many times, the people in charge of running the IT infrastructure for a small business are not solely dedicated to IT, let alone device management. Technology may be only one of a person’s management responsibilities.

While there are use cases where Android Enterprise Essentials can come in handy for larger businesses — say, as a hybrid element of a broader program with existing MDM setup — the solution can really help small and midsize companies bring security to devices without having to build a massive infrastructure around them. And if a customer’s management need becomes more complex, they can switch to an MDM.