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3 Challenges a Managed Services Provider Can Solve for Better Collaboration

A managed services provider can pave a path for your people to collaborate better and do their jobs more efficiently, so that your customers receive the best service possible.

Maintaining your business is good, and growing it is great, but with growth often comes management challenges that can diminish your team’s ability to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.

Because many organizations have embraced the changing landscape of work out of necessity rather than desire, there are likely lingering pain points to address. Why not begin resolving them now by managing resources and elevating your digital experience for all stakeholders?

3 Collaboration Challenges Solved With Managed Services

Here are three pain points you can resolve with the help of a managed services provider.

  1. You have an incomplete picture of your environment

    One of the most common concerns I hear from customers is that they have an incomplete picture of their technological environment, which means they don’t know if it’s healthy. This problem is exacerbated by limited IT staff with strained bandwidth and working hours, affecting an organization’s potential to burst or scale up.

    A managed services provider monitors your environment and ensures the right people are staffed around the clock so your employees can focus on priorities.

    When you enable your team to accomplish meaningful tasks that lead to greater financial outcomes as well as champion your people’s work-life balance, everyone wins. 

  2. You struggle taking ownership of multiple applications.

    When organizations leverage a contact center system with third-party applications that plug into it, they will have to place several calls when something inevitably goes wrong. No one likes being stuck in the middle, especially between the swim lanes of various vendors.

    This is where a managed services provider enters the equation with a one-stop solution: single point of contact.

    With just one number to call, you no longer need to worry about bringing multiple vendors together to resolve issues as they arise. Let a managed services provider be your single point of contact so that you don’t have to be stuck on back-and-forth calls. This will give your team extra energy to allocate to projects that matter most.

    3. Repetitive tasks bog down your innovation.

    Realistically, individual decision-makers cannot be expected to be experts on everything on the technology horizon, nor how all their current (and future) resources intertwine. Keeping up with this requires strategic thinking and a fair amount of time built into a business strategy.

    Calling on a managed services provider to do some heavy lifting can uniquely position your organization to drive stronger collaboration and digital transformation in a market that’s rapidly evolving with the increasing implementation of artificial intelligence.

    Simply put, a managed services provider can pave a path for your people to do their jobs better, so that your customers receive the best service possible. Finding ways to help your customers perform self-service with the help of AI for faster resolution is one way of optimizing your digital experience.

Let CDW Help Manage Your Workload for Amazing Collaboration

For years, we have cultivated a knowledgeable base of solutions architects as well as great relationships with industry leaders to do right for our customers. Our culture of customer satisfaction instills in us a sense of pride and ownership in everything we touch.

When a large healthcare customer in the Midwest needed help monitoring their environment, we provided them with IT staff augmentation. This decreased the number of escalations from three a day to three a month, freeing up their manager to handle other pressing matters. We work hand in hand with organizations large and small across multiple industries to overcome challenges on any timeframe.

At CDW, we help customers navigate the next phase of their desired environment.


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Michael Jeffers

Engineering Manager – Managed Services
Michael Jeffers is an engineering manager specializing in unified communications and collaboration. He brings over 20 years of expertise to the field. For the past six years, he has been instrumental in enhancing and expanding the global delivery capabilities of CDW’s Managed Services. Based in Texas, Jeffers continues to drive customer-focused innovation and excellence.