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Technology Planning: Streamline the M&A Process

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Understand the Critical Milestones During Each Phase of the Journey

The M&A process is complex and nuanced. Technology compatibility, IT infrastructure longevity and overall IT security are all crucial to a successful end result. Below you’ll find the important milestones of each phase of the M&A journey and key considerations to help ensure a secure, streamlined and timely IT implementation for your organization.

A Guide to Mapping Your M&A Journey



Consider IT transformation and determine how technology can help the company remain relevant to customers and more advanced than competitors.

  • Acquisition target identified.
  • Determine overall IT merger goal.
  • Execute proper agreements.
  • Determine timeline.
  • Determine key IT differences between organizations.
  • Determine differences in IT management.
  • Plan IT staff changes/training.
  • Develop plan for managed services.
  • Develop plan for mobility management.
  • Plan security consolidation.
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Due Diligence

Conduct in-depth audits to gain a deep understanding of the technology the acquiring company will assume.

  • Review existing IT strategies/roadmaps.
  • Conduct gap analysis.
  • Identify necessary migrations and consolidations.
  • Evaluate and select core and ancillary applications.
  • Identify infrastructure, operating systems and cloud considerations.
  • Determine acquired company’s asset and data lifecycle, compliance and privacy policies.
  • Inventory communication networks/systems.
  • Review existing application mapping, dependencies and prioritization.
  • Complete system security IT assessment.
  • Inventory data-related systems.
  • Review vendor contracts, agreements, commitments.
  • Review acquired company's policy enforcement.
  • Establish IT governance policies.
  • Review in-process IT/business initiatives.
  • Conduct telecom audit.
  • Plan IT admin and help desk management.
  • Review application/software licensing changes.

Integration & Implementation

Develop a strategy that maps the current technology state to the planned future state. This phase requires integration of systems, addressing compliance issues and effective employee communications. 

  • Finalize IT roadmap and plan, design and architecture, and ensure IT initiatives are on track.
  • Conduct any necessary IT staff changes or training.
  • Complete core and ancillary application conversions, installations and integrations.
  • Deploy new data-related systems.
  • Implement security, website and mobility management changes.
  • Implement asset and data lifecycle management.
  • Implement management of licenses, contracts and service-level agreements.
  • Implement IT admin and help desk management.
  • Procure, deploy and manage new communication networks and systems.
  • Access, authorization and authentication control.
  • Ensure hardware and software licensing is up to date.
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Project Management & Consulting

Our Consultative Advisory Services provide counsel and project management on:

  • IT direction and operations
  • Process improvement 
  • Governance
  • Business continuity

Solutions & Asset Management

You focus on your M&A and we’ll focus on designing, implementing and managing your customized solutions, services and software needs. 

Specialized Services

We can help you manage your most complex infrastructure and applications.

CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure
CDW Amplified™ Security
CDW Amplified™ Hybrid Cloud
CDW Amplified™ Data Center

Discover how CDW can support your organization through every phase of the M&A journey.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.


Discover how CDW can support your organization through every phase of the M&A journey.

Contact your account manager, or give us a call.

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