December 29, 2023

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The Right Staff Count for the Right Jobs Drive Cost-Efficient Business Goals

Optimization means driving your business to maximum value at the lowest possible cost — and having the right staff count with the right skillsets performing the right jobs is essential to accomplishing this.

Optimization means driving your business to maximum value at the lowest possible cost, and having the right staff is essential to making this happen. Ensuring that the right number of people are working smartly in the right roles should always be a top priority.

To build an effective team that can support your business vision and achieve goals on various timelines, you need a strong staffing strategy. This will help to guide and allocate your team to best collaborate with one another and serve your customers most effectively.

In today’s business environment, you’ll likely hear the word “change” every day, whether related to evolving technology decentralizing IT, mergers and acquisitions, or leadership. Meanwhile, the pressure to deliver exceptional customer experiences amid rising competition is at an all-time high.

Simply put, it can be overwhelming to consider all factors when building a staffing strategy that will keep your organization’s spending prudent and still allow for growth and innovation. With businesses continually transitioning assets to the cloud, a right-sized technology staff can be the difference between staying afloat and thriving.

Necessity of a Staffing Assessment

As a necessary first step, complete a thorough staffing assessment to gain a better understanding of your personnel and their roles. By identifying gaps in skills or training and differentiating from a lack of appropriate tools, your leadership can make informed decisions on how to retrain, retool and transform your workforce.

Collect Data to Know Your Infrastructure

Next, prioritize between technology upgrades and staffing initiatives. Use a survey approach to collect data to map out the state of your organization’s infrastructure. By comparing short- and long-term goals for employee development and systems maintenance, you can set a clear roadmap for improvement.

Assemble Team to Complete Tasks Strategically

Finally, leverage your collected data and knowledge to assemble an aligned team ready to meet business objectives on any timeline, whether in two-week sprints or months-long hauls. We know by experience that by clearly prioritizing tasks with everyone and leveraging the right people in the right roles, you can determine what is realistic and achievable to improve your technology delivery.

This should also involve partnering with IT staff ahead of time to break down communication silos and ensure that all stakeholders work harmoniously toward a shared mission.

Need to Optimize Your Workforce? CDW Can Help

At CDW, we understand the importance of building sound strategies to optimize staff and operational investments. With decades of experience partnering with industry leaders, in addition to our solutions experts who work directly with organizations to solve problems on any timeline, we’re ready to jump in.

Enjoy power and simplicity without compromise. Make it easier to work in a fast-changing and increasingly complex world as you learn from the past, transform the present and prepare for the future.

James Watczak

Managing Consultant
James Watczak is a managing consultant within CDW’s Data Center Transformation group. He has more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting leadership roles in health insurer, property and casualty insurance and air transportation industries.

Renee Heinbuch

Principal Consultant for Data Center Transformation
Renee Heinbuch is a principal consultant within CDW’s Data Center Transformation group. She is experienced in delivering results-driven technology capabilities from data integration to cost optimization.