December 19, 2023

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Empowering Employees with Azure AI

Azure AI Studio is an ideal suite of tools to help young workers improve their productivity — and their quality of life.

During conversations about artificial intelligence, I sometimes get funny looks when I talk about AI as a tool that can help companies to meet their Generation Z employees with empathy. After all, isn’t AI predicted to eliminate many of the entry-level jobs where young workers have historically gotten their start?

Well, yes. But AI can also empower employees to work more quickly and effectively, increasing their productivity without increasing the number of hours they spend working. This is especially important to Gen Z, whose members tend to place more value on time with their friends and family than on time in the office.

How Azure AI Studio Makes AI More Accessible

Azure AI Studio is always my first recommendation for organizations seeking these benefits, due to its ease of use, its extensive documentation and its industry-leading partnerships.

When I say that Azure AI Studio is easy to use, I mean that it’s so simple that a third grader can use it effectively. This isn’t hyperbole, or even hypothetical: Just this week, I helped my nephew set up a personalized tutor using the suite. A total neophyte can click through a graphical user interface and start to build things without knowing how to write a single line of code.

That’s incredibly powerful, and it’s not something you get with every major player in AI. It allows organizations to flip the messaging about the technology from “This technology is going to eliminate my job” to “This technology is expanding my skill set and giving me time back for my personal life.”

Training Materials Level the Playing Field for AI Users

The documentation offered by Microsoft, including online guides and reference manuals, makes it even easier for beginners to get started. This documentation caters to a range of skill levels. For instance, Microsoft offers clear instructions on how to add and manage data in Azure AI projects. But for more seasoned professionals, the documentation can serve as a springboard into more complex topics, such as the optimization of machine learning models or the integration of complex AI systems into existing infrastructure.

How Microsoft Is Unlocking Opportunities with AI Partners

Finally, Microsoft’s partnerships with AI innovators such as OpenAI and Hugging Face open up a wide array of capabilities to beginners. These partnerships allow organizations to leverage the latest advancements in a still-emerging and fast-changing area of technology while exposing users to diverse AI tools and methodologies from leading players in the field. This exposure facilitates a practical understanding of different AI capabilities and lays a solid foundation for continuous learning and skill development.

AI has the potential to completely transform the way many people do their jobs. That doesn’t have to be a scary proposition for employees. With Azure AI Studio, organizations can demystify AI and equip their workforces to succeed in a future where these skills will be in demand. 

Story by Shawn Augenstein, a principal data and artificial intelligence consultant at CDW, where he develops the curriculum and architectures for understanding and furthering the use of AI for partners and clients.

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Shawn Augenstein

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Shawn Augenstein is a dynamic and highly experienced professional driven by the power of modern technology. Currently, Shawn serves as Principal Consultant at CDW, where he works as an AI consultant and interaction designer. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new frontiers of Stable Diffusion, capturing moments through photography and listening to music as a passionate melophile.