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Focus on Success and Adoption to Enhance Productivity

Working with users on cloud rollouts helps organizations enhance collaboration, increase efficiency and get more out of their investments.


With cloud solutions, new features that have the ability to help people work better are released almost every day. But even though users have access to multiple tools to make their work easier, they are sometimes hesitant to adopt these solutions. Why? In many cases, users will utilize new tools only when they can understand why they should use them. It’s not uncommon for users to arrive at their desks one morning to find that a key application has been updated overnight, with perhaps five new features that are incredibly valuable. But these features are valuable only if users know what the features are, why they should use them and how to use them.

Until recently, IT departments carefully managed nearly every aspect of an organization’s technology tools. IT administrators had close control of new features and how they were introduced to end users. This control helped IT teams to ensure that every user in an organization knew exactly what solutions were available and how to use them. However, the advent of cloud software has turned this model upside-down.

As a result, many organizations are failing to maximize the value of their cloud investments. For example, an organization might purchase Office 365 licenses primarily as a way to give workers access to cloud email, but then continue to use and pay for a separate cloud file-sharing application. Instead, using Microsoft OneDrive would provide users with a more seamless experience and maximize their investment.

CDW’s lifecycle and adoption services help end users understand essential points for adoption: what is in it for them, why they should adopt the tools and how to use them.

CDW takes a four-step approach to make sure our customers successfully roll out their cloud solutions to enhance productivity and improve work.

1. Measurements That Matter

Our teams work to identify and track key technical and business metrics, helping organizations to monitor the results that matter to them throughout the lifecycle of their cloud tools. We provide dashboards that not only allow organizations to track employee adoption of new tools, but also to devise ways to measure changes in factors such as productivity, efficiency and revenue.

2. Marketing and Communications

Adoption services teams work to create internal buy-in, ensuring that users understand how cloud solutions can help them perform their jobs better and faster. These communications campaigns can take the form of email messaging, publications, town hall meetings, surveys and even T-shirts or contests to motivate users to adopt the new tools.

3. End-User Enablement

Through success lifecycle engagements, CDW works with your teams to identify high-value use cases for a cloud solution. CDW teams work with internal “champions” who spread the word about use cases for cloud tools and help integrate the solution into the standard operating procedures of how works get done in the business unit. Often, a department such as sales will use a tool in one way, while other groups such as human resources or customer service may have a completely different set of use cases. We can connect the dots between the technology and the business, empowering end users to become more efficient and productive, no matter their role in the organization.

4. Evergreen IT — Success Sustainment

We work with organizations before and after cloud deployment on areas such as governance, security and compliance. Cloud is a disruptor for IT organizations. The IT department’s role as a liaison between the business and technology has become even more pronounced. With major cloud initiatives, many organizations struggle to utilize, streamline and retrain IT whose function is now shifting. CDW’s success lifecycle and adoption services teams can help answer these questions and ensure that cloud tools continue to provide organizations with maximum value — from the beginning of their lifecycle to the end.

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