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Achieving Hybrid Cloud for Any Organization

Hybrid Cloud Isn’t One Size Fits All

Today’s organizations must be nimble, agile and adaptable to future changes and organizational needs. Hybrid and multicloud strategies are ways enterprises can achieve these goals. Yet, in addition to realizing cost savings and improved efficiency, opting for hybrid cloud can lead to a more complex and difficult to manage environment. So whether you’re looking to move your entire infrastructure, disaster recovery, software or other applications and platforms to the cloud, a hybrid solution is a good option as long as you can get ahead of the manageability issues.

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Considerations for Adopting Hybrid Cloud

When moving to a hybrid cloud, here are some questions to ask yourself before you get started:

  • Are there regulatory restrictions around data availability and privacy that I need to keep in mind?
  • Are there security protocols I must follow for my organization?
  • Am I using applications and software such as AI, machine learning or natural speech recognition that make more sense to run in a cloud-based setting?
  • Where is my organization at with virtualization?
  • How much are we comfortable changing at one time — merely extending the data center? Or revising the internet point of presence?
Overcome the Complexities of Hybrid Cloud

To reap the most benefits from a hybrid cloud implementation, you need to work with the right partner. CDW’s comprehensive approach to orchestrating hybrid cloud deployments ensures your organization can benefit from its unique cloud solution and take advantage of a range of services to help manage your new environment.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our cloud experts offer detailed advice, custom migration plans and scalable solutions via end-to-end services for your cloud environment. We help you migrate your applications and data without business interruption, ensuring your solution integrates into your existing and future infrastructure.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

CDW has helped customers migrate hundreds of thousands of users to SaaS solutions while giving enterprises on-demand account controls that make it easy to optimize subscriptions on the fly. We’ll help you select and implement the best SaaS applications for your specific needs.

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Cloud Consulting Services

CDW Cloud Consulting Services reduce the complexity of cloud migration. We’ll help you create a strategy that fits your organization’s goals and meets your needs — and focuses on the key elements of a successful cloud deployment.

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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Manage your growing data needs with efficient cloud storage and backups. BaaS protects data and typically allows for recovery of a file or server back to the customer’s on-premises environment.

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Cloud Migration Services

CDW offers an array of Cloud Migration Services:

Physical and Virtual Server Migration: CDW will create a migration strategy based on your specific needs, and then safely and securely transition your IT assets and data from your physical servers and your virtual servers to your new cloud environment, including conducting a post-migration assessment.

Database Migration: CDW will transition your database from your in-house infrastructure to your new cloud environment, including a post-migration assessment.

Physical-to-Virtual Server (P2V) Migration: CDW will create a migration strategy based on your specific needs and then will take the physical server and virtualize it in your new cloud environment.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

CDW can help plan a DRaaS strategy to ensure business continuity and connect you with the ideal vendor to deliver it, ultimately protecting your network and data and allowing for recovery of a file or server back to your organization’s on-premises environment.

We Get the Right Solutions Need the Right Partners

We’re a trusted partner to many leading hardware and software vendors. Combined with our in-depth expertise and experience, we can orchestrate a manageable hybrid cloud solution tailored to your specific goals. 

Explore how CDW  can help you achieve hybrid cloud.