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SecureDoc Enterprise Edition


SecureDoc Enterprise Edition is an encryption software for Windows 7, 8.5& 10 that provides the highest security level for all enterprises.

Why SecureDoc Enterprise Edition?

There is no other software in the market that provides seamless and easy management of sensitive data like SecureDoc. With our Enterprise Edition all companies can ensure maximun security and transparency in regilar workflow.

What is SecureDoc Enterprise Edition?

SecureDoc Enterprise Edition gives control to the administrators via centralized management, allowing them to manage standalone systems by leveraging a centralized console easing the full disk encryption process. They will be able to apply access policies, sync user credentials via Active Directory, remotely reset passwords, enforce log-in policies such as pre-boot network-based authentication via PBConnex and more.

How does SecureDoc work?

By deploying SecureDoc on any device you will be able to control which files users share and who can see them. SecureDoc also offers multiple ways for users to authenticate. Whether it's a password in the pre-boot environment, a fingerprint sensor, smart card or token, SecureDoc can manage and ensure the authentication requirements you need are available and ensure maximum security.

Reduce TCO with PBConnex- Only data encryption and management solution that allows for pre-boot network authentication either wired or wirelessly.- PBConnex utilizes network-based resources to authenticate users, enforce access controls, and manage end point devices before the operating system loads.

BitLocker Management- Better control and security for BitLocker through the enablement of strong user authentication and multi-factor authentication.- SecureDoc allows for pre-boot network authentication– authenticating the users via the local network.- Saves a great amount of IT time without sacrificing the security of devices.- Administrators can leverage existing network log-in credentials (instead of only a PIN) in addition to multi-factor authentication.

Opal Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Support- Have features that give you complete control over how your data is stored and protected.- SecureDoc collects encryption key information from the self-encrypted drive and provides the same central control, escrow and protection offered to its software-encrypted drives.

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