Windows 10 Enterprise E3 (VDA) from CDW

Mfg.Part: NFR_GPEWINE3VDA_4B608B64-G | CDW Part: 5185912

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Windows 10 Enterprise E3 (VDA) from CDW
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Main Features
  • Familiar and productive user experience
  • Latest security features to combat modern threats and achieve data compliance
  • Features to help make sharing and securing information easier
  • Manage your workforce with the latest technology regardless of the device or location
  • Upgrade seamlessly from Windows 10 Professional
  • Leverage cloud-based authentication for mobile users

Windows 10 Enterprise from CDW gives you access to the most feature rich and advanced version of Windows 10 available. The Enterprise edition of Windows 10 boasts many features that will help you secure sensitive data and manage your devices.

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise from CDW Basic plans always include these core benefits:

  • 24x7x365 US-based administrator support for reactive break/fix, service issues and help and how-to
  • Microsoft tenant and subscription provisioning
  • Billing from CDW using CDW credit terms and PO and credit card options
  • Flexible monthly or annual billing options
  • Ability to decrease license counts or downgrade plans at no additional cost (monthly billing only)

CDW wants to ensure you are successful so Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise from CDW Basic also includes these valuable services at no additional cost:

  • Valuable onboarding services
    • Review of features and functionality of the services
    • Windows 10 config including test device enrollments
  • Free services to connect your on-premise AD to Azure to simplify management