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Mfg.Part: VF-APM-P-SSS-A CDW Part: 2540822
Software Details
  • Technical support
  • academic
  • 1 year
  • response time: 30 min
  • for VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager
  • emergency phone consulting
  • 24x7
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Know your gear

APM is a comprehensive performance management solution for applications deployed on virtual or cloud infrastructure. Built with cloud

operating principles in mind-namely, that the underlying infrastructure is managed separately from the applications running on top of

it-APM is a new breed of application-management solution built for cloud consumers. It focuses on the following key goals:

• Simple to use – Easy install, extensive automation and an intuitive user interface simplify application performance management .

• Cloud-ready – It monitors applications on any cloud and tracks live changes and costs to provide the insight cloud consumers need to

know how and where to scale their applications.

• Active application management – APM enables quick root-cause analysis with a powerful remediation mechanism.

Key features:

• Autodiscovery gives a continuous, real-time model of transactions and keeps up with deployed resources to make keeping

applications under monitoring management effortless.

• Single-pane-of-glass management console-with roll-up visualizations of overall application health and detailed drill-downs-

simplifies the identification and remediation of performance problems.

• Customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the application across all tiers-such as throughput, latency, hit rates and error

rates-combine to give a health score as the primary indicator of application performance.

• Closed-loop management includes autoremediation actions for frequently changing applications through flexible workflows defined in

vCenter Operations (vC Ops) or in standalone Hyperic. Actions can include powering off virtual machines, restarting Web servers,

scaling virtual machines up or down, reverting code changes, running garbage collection, and many others.

• APM provides visibility into the cost of running an application in the cloud, powered by integration with vCenter Chargeback 2.0.Technical Support, 24 Hour Sev 1 Support - 7 days a week.Only Partners authorized with a VMware Academic Specialization may have access to quote this Academic SKU.
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This item was discontinued on October 06, 2022