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V-locity (v. 6) - upgrade license - 1 dual sockets host

Mfg # 81210012 CDW # 4347650
Software Details
  • locity
  • upgrade license
  • volume
  • Win
  • (v. 6)
  • 1 dual sockets host
  • 10-49 licenses
  • English
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Corporate economic demands for greater consolidation and agility have given rise to virtual environment technology. The promise is greater simplicity and efficiency but the reality is that fragmentation exists at both the host and guest level - fragmentation on top of fragmentation. The result is rapidly increased "unnecessary" I/O traffic.

Worse, virtual machines have limited knowledge of hardware resource usage and cannot effectively prioritize I/O. Defrag attempts will cut across production resources.

Additionally, virtual disks that are set to dynamically grow don't shrink when users or applications remove data, bloating space and wasting what could be allocated to other virtual systems.

Diskeeper Corporation has created a vital component previously missing from virtualized environment productivity. V-locity with InvisiTasking technology installs on both the Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V OS that is running the virtual host and all Windows virtual machines (guests). Each component optimizes its respective Wi

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This item was discontinued on October 06, 2022