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The threats to enterprise data and business continuance are huge and ever present. At any time, a new virus can penetrate system defenses. A simple software upgrade can fail and stop operations cold. An order entry clerk can accidentally delete valuable client records. With traditional data recovery technologies, any of these events can cost hours of productivity and millions of dollars of revenue.

NetApp SnapRestore software allows an enterprise to recover almost instantly from these disaster scenarios. In seconds, SnapRestore software can recover anything from an individual file to a multiterabyte volume so that operations can be quickly resumed. NetApp SnapRestore software makes recovering your data fast and easy.

Using the unique Snapshot feature of NetApp's Data ONTAP operating system, SnapRestore quickly restores lost files using stored Snapshot copies. From a single home directory to a huge production database, SnapRestore does the job in seconds regardless of file or volume size.

NetApp's Snapshot technology makes extremely efficient use of storage by storing only block-level changes between each successive Snapshot. Since the Snapshot process is automatic and virtually instantaneous, backups are significantly faster and simpler. SnapRestore software uses Snapshot technology to perform near-instantaneous data restoration. In contrast, alternative storage solutions copy all of the data and require much more time and disk storage for the backup-and-restore operations.

SnapRestore also saves staffing resources. Whether your business employs a small group of end users or an enterprise-scale user community and IT support team, SnapRestore's easy single-command restoration eliminates complexity and reduces errors. Not only that, but using SnapRestore requires no special training or expertise.

With SnapRestore, data can be restored from any one of the Snapshots stored on the file system. This allows an application development team, for example, to revert to Snapshots from various stages of their design, or test engineers to quickly and easily return data to a baseline state. Restoring to the base environment takes only seconds, and the restored environment is identical to the point at which the Snapshot copy was created.

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This item was discontinued on October 06, 2022