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Palo Alto Prisma Access - subscription license (1 year) - 1 license


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  • Subscription license (1 year)
  • NFR
  • hosted
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As your business expands globally with new remote network locations popping up around the globe and mobile users roaming the world, it can be challenging to ensure that your business remains connected and always secure. Prisma Access uses a cloud-based infrastructure, allowing you to avoid the challenges of sizing firewalls and compute resource allocation, minimizing coverage gaps or inconsistencies associated with your distributed organization. The elasticity of the cloud scales as demand shifts and traffic patterns change. The cloud service operationalizes next-generation security deployment to remote networks and mobile users by leveraging a cloud-based security infrastructure managed by Palo Alto Networks. The security processing nodes deployed within the service natively inspect all traffic in order to identify applications, threats, and content. Prisma Access provides visibility into the use of SaaS applications and the ability to control which SaaS applications are available to your users.

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This item was discontinued on February 20, 2024