McAfee Active Client Security Suite - box pack - 1 node

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McAfee Active Client Security Suite - box pack - 1 node
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Tackling today's blended threats at the desktop level requires a complete desktop security solution. This includes award-winning anti-virus protection, desktop firewall protection, intrusion detection, and viral vulnerability assessment via a single, truly scalable security policy management solution. Complete desktop security requires many technologies. Like a well-rehearsed orchestra, McAfee Active Client Security components are designed, developed, and tested together by Network Associates. You may be assured of complete interoperability between the components of the suite, to give customers peace of mind and the ability to quickly upgrade and deploy their desktop security.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator gives you total control of a complete desktop security solution. As protection for the enterprise becomes more complex, so too does the amount of information generated by the desktop firewall, intrusion detection, desktop virus protection, and viral vulnerability assessment components. Without a comprehensive single management solution it would be impossible to attempt to manage a secure desktop environment. With ePolicy Orchestrator, network administrators can manage and analyze the large amounts of information generated by the entire enterprise-level security system. It allows you to examine a single desktop and then administer changes to a single desktop as easily as to tens of thousands. ePolicy Orchestrator enables customers to centrally deploy and update protection both to remote and local users. Even more importantly, it enables them to centrally set, change, and lock security policies - preventing users from tampering or changing settings. In addition, ePolicy Orchestrator can graphically report all aspects of the network security protection, including the number of viruses detected, the number of intrusions detected, and even the source of intrusion attacks. It also reports on top 10 attack targets and generates comprehensive coverage reports, giving visibility into how well the network is protected.

McAfee Desktop Firewall, the market-leading desktop firewall and intrusion detection software, provides a new line of defense against hackers and malicious code. As Internet and VPN connections multiply, corporate networks have become increasingly vulnerable to threats and intrusions. In fact, over twice as many incidents and vulnerabilities were reported in 2001 than in 2000, according to the CERT Coordination Center. McAfee Desktop Firewall acts as a desktop traffic cop, allowing known applications to connect to desktops, while stopping malicious code, damaging traffic from hackers, distributed denials of service, and vulnerable or unauthorized applications. The administrator can set McAfee Desktop Firewall to operate in the background so the user will not even know it's there. McAfee Desktop Firewall inspects inbound and outbound traffic on the computer, and then allows or blocks connections based on policies for addresses, ports, protocols, and applications. These policies can be set by a user or by an administrator. McAfee Desktop Firewall protects desktops from attacks inside or outside the corporate network, and even foils malicious code attacks. Malicious code can silently invade desktops from a single Web site visit, and then attack other systems in the network, causing serious network disruptions. McAfee Desktop Firewall detects unauthorized intrusions and application connections, blocks them, records the event, and reports to the administrator through ePolicy Orchestrator. Protect network security and integrity with McAfee Desktop Firewall will avoid costly theft, intrusions, and damaging network traffic.

As virus threats evolve into more sophisticated and malicious forms, the problems of re-infection and viruses exploiting network security holes have increased. Re-infection and new infections can occur when vulnerabilities are left by a previous virus infection or are opened within the network. Thousands of companies suffered recurring Code Red virus outbreaks because unauthorized and un-patched IIS servers were connected to their networks. With no way to find all un-patched IIS servers, these companies were at the mercy of the blended threat. Open shares invite recurring outbreaks of viruses like Funlove and Nimda and can cause significant productivity and economic losses. With McAfee ThreatScan, administrators can quickly and easily find their viral vulnerabilities. ThreatScan proactively protects the network against the damage and cost of outbreaks with pre-scheduled virus vulnerability scans and updated signatures. ThreatScan proactively scans and reports on unprotected, unmanaged, infected, and virus-vulnerable machines. Organizations using ThreatScan can change from reacting to infections to actively preventing them and eliminating their costly effects.

Every desktop on the network represents several vectors of infection, or ways for viruses to enter the network. Floppy disks, CDs burned at home, personal email accounts, and PDAs are just a few of the routes a virus might take to enter the network. That's why comprehensive, manageable desktop virus protection is essential. VirusScan is the protection of choice for desktops. Its tight integration with McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator management console makes it the most manageable desktop anti-virus solution in the market today. And a host of installation and customization features make it a favorite of enterprise customers.

File servers are extremely useful, productive tools. Their utility in collaboration and file storage makes them indispensable; but it also makes them a favorite hiding place for viruses. When Jane User's out-of-date desktop virus protection allows her to upload a virus infected document, all the other users who access that file can become infected. And if the IT team backs up the data on the server regularly, even the backups can wind up infected if they're not careful. McAfee's NetShield server protection can eliminate these potential headaches. It offers both real-time scanning to detect and clean known viruses as files are accessed and on-demand scanning that allows scheduled deep-down bug scrubs of the entire system.