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Black Box AlertWerks Dry Contact Expansion Hub - expansion module - 16 port

Mfg # EME1DC16 CDW # 5823921

Quick tech specs

  • Expansion module
  • 100Base-TX
  • for P/N: EME1D1-005
  • EME1M1-005-R2
  • EME1TH1-001
  • 100Mb LAN
  • 16 ports
  • EME1F1-005
  • EME1SS-005
  • EME1Y1-015
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Know your gear

Connecting this device into an expansion port provides 16 user-definable dry contacts. The AlertWerks Dry Contact Expansion Hub enables you to use the four expansion ports on the front of the ServSensor V4E to add even more sensors and dry contact ports. The ServSensor EXPDC16 (EME1DC16) provides 16 dry contacts. Also available is the ServSensor EXP8 (EME1X8) which provides additional ports for eight Intelligent Sensors. (These units only work with the V4E ServSensor Hub.) The AlertWerks II ServSensor V4E enables you to integrate environmental sensors and surveillance cameras into one seamless remote monitoring system that watches over your premises. Use it to monitor data centers offices or anywhere it's important to keep an eye on conditions on the ground. Plug-and-play sensor integration. Plug up to eight AlertWerks II Intelligent Sensors into the RJ-45 ports of the ServSensor V4E. Sensors automatically configure and go on-line ready to report any status change. Choose from a wide variety of sensors including temperature humidity water airflow motion voltage and more. Video surveillance. The ServSensor V4E supports up to four AlertWerks II PT Dome Cameras. You can also use it with a wide range of analog cameras your existing security cameras sophisticated night-vision cameras outdoor cameras or low-cost CCTV cameras. The ServSensor V4E supports video of up to 640 x 480 dpi from up to four cameras. Set it to scan between cameras or show all cameras at once. It has enough memory to store up to 2320 pictures. A built-in 4-port Pelco-D-compatible pan/tilt controller eliminates the need for expensive additional controllers and enables you to move and zoom cameras from the Web interface. See and organize data from the graphical interface. The ServSensor V4E gathers and displays sensor data in its easy-to-use Web-based user interface. It automatically generates day week month and year graphs for each sensor. The data can be downloaded in a text file for external processing or remotely polled and saved automatically to a PC. Notification Wizard. The Notification Wizard enables the ServSensor V4E to notify you of changes in sensor status in real-time. Configure each notification by choosing a sensor selecting the alarm condition and defining what to do when the alarm is triggered. You can choose to be notified in a variety of ways audible alarm SNMP trap e-mail an e-mail with attached picture text message to your phone or fax. For instance you can have the ServSensor V4E text you when it detects that the door of a server cabinet is opened or e-mail everyone on your IT staff whenever the temperature in your data center goes over 86degree F (30degree C). False message filter. To prevent false alarms AlertWerks allows extensive filtering of events. You can limit events based on the time of day or the day of the week. You can also limit the number of alerts per hour so that you are not swamped with messages. This is especially important with a sensor like the motion detector where you may want to process an event only after hours. Automatically shut down your equipment in an emergency. You can have Linux(r) devices automatically send a shutdown message to your Linux or Windows(r) based servers so if there is a power outage for example you can rest assured that your servers will be safely and automatically shut down before your UPS runs out.

This item was discontinued on October 06, 2022

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