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Adobe® Connect™ for Webinars software provides a teleconferencing platform for collaboration between team members through video, screen sharing, document sharing, audio and chat. Assign Q & A Pod to a trusted person for control over the visibility of participants' identities, questions and answers. The Adobe Connect Webinars platform is compatible with most modern browsers and participants don’t need to configure or install anything, minimizing barriers to entry. Support for MP4 subtitles and descriptive audio provides easy access for members with hearing impairments. With prepare mode, producers can set the stage in stealth mode, so they don’t affect the ongoing presentation. Reusable rooms let users reutilize polls and other content from a previous meeting for another audience.

The Adobe Connect software interface is customizable to allow a change of wallpapers and background images. Utilize graphics that represent the theme of your story or logos to help drive your brand’s visibility. Setting up a l room and save it as a template for a fast setup of future layouts and consistent teleconferencing experiences. Embedded in the web conferencing software are Adobe analytics and Adobe experience manager to track workflows and deliver useful insights such as conversations by the campaign.

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  • Video
  • Document Sharing
  • Beyond Barriers
  • Workflow Insights
  • Screen Sharing
  • Audio And Chat Functionalities
  • Better Branding
  • Prepare Mode
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