Backup solutions from CDW Canada can help you quickly retrieve lost data to keep critical operations running smoothly and seamlessly.

Backup Solutions

    What Is Data Backup?

    • Backup is a strategic and methodical process used to copy and ultimately recover data efficiently and ensure its daily or operational availability.

      The data backup process copies data from file servers, databases and client systems to another device or media for future use. The data is then available in the event that unwanted interruptions, deletions or alterations occur to any of these systems. While backup processes and methods vary, all copy and enable efficient data recovery.

    Data Deduplication
    Learn about backup and data deduplication from a CDW Specialist.

    • How Will Backup Solutions Benefit My Business?
      An effective data backup plan sets the foundation for your disaster recovery strategy and can help your organization business achieve:
      • Consistent availability of data
      • Reduced storage costs
      • Protection from financial loss
      • Improved operational efficiencies
      • Increased staff productivity
    • How Can I Help My Business Embrace Backup Solutions?
      When implementing a data backup solution, it's important to consider:
      • The value of your data and the financial and operational impact to your business if it were unavailable for a period of time
      • Your recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO)
      • Current data storage capacity and related expenses
    • What Are the Components of a Backup Solution?

      An effective data backup solution is typically comprised of a mix of the following:
    • Archiving Software
      Backup software ensures the protection and restoration of all data to the strictest RTO and RPO, regardless of type and location. Best of breed products offer continuous data protection (CDP) of both file servers and databases such as SQL or Microsoft Exchange systems.
    • Data Deduplication
      Most network data is redundant; the same file is backed up on multiple devices. Data deduplication reduces redundancy and saves storage and energy costs.
    • Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T)
      A disk-to-disk-to-tape process backs up data to a disk for a defined period of time after which it is moved to tape. This strategy can reduce the backup window and improve RTO.
    • Virtual Tape Library
      A disk-based storage system is designed to appear to backup software as a tape device. This is commonly used in a D2D2T strategy.
    • Getting Started with Data Backup

      Your CDW Account Manager and certified specialists are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment. Our approach includes:
      • An initial discovery session to understand your goals, requirements and budget
      • An assessment review of your existing environment and definition of project requirements
      • Detailed vendor evaluations, recommendations, future design and proof of concept
      • Procurement, configuration and deployment of the final solution
      • Ongoing product lifecycle support