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Inscape Cloud Management

Inscape Cloud Management simplifies financial management, heightens visibility and delivers comprehensive recommendations for your multicloud environment from a single platform. Quickly and easily monitor costs, spot trends, create and manage budgets and customize alerts to gain clarity over your cloud spend.

Comprehensive Cloud Cost Management

Improve visibility, transparency and reporting across your entire environment.


View cloud spend in near real-time with an intuitive platform.

Pre-built Charts
and Graphs

Easily consume and intelligently analyze your data without having to examine spreadsheets.

Cost Visibility

Slice and dice your cloud spend by account, service, resource and more.

Budget Tracking

Effective budget tracking and pre-built budget communication alert workflow.

Cost Saving Recommendations

Get comprehensive recommendations to help you save on your monthly bill.

Cloud Optimization

Get alerts and recommendations to help improve performance, security, availability and more.


Easily export detailed
billing information.


Access useful cost reporting with the click of a button.

Identify Anomalies

Evaluate month-over-month spend and utilization trends
with ease.


Take Control of Cloud Spend

Cloud computing has helped enable better innovation, greater flexibility and a more attractive pricing model for businesses of any size. However it's easy to  exceed your budget if you're not careful. Discover the benefits of implementing FinOps and teaming with a cloud partner who adds value by providing IP and expertise to ensure you’re 100 percent in control of your cloud spend.

Inscape Cloud Management Features

Financial Snapshot

Financial Snapshot

Inscape provides a cloud cost review that can be sliced and diced by numerous variables including subscription, account, project, tag, service, resource group, cost type and more.

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

Optimize your cloud footprint with comprehensive recommendations and alert criteria related to​​ cost savings, performance, security and more. Plus, you can easily track recommendation statistics and how they trend over time.

Cloud Maturity

Cloud Maturity

Get a clearer picture of how well your cloud environment is configured. Increase your maturity rating by configuring budgets and taking action based on recommendations.

Virtual Machine Right-Sizing

Virtual Machine Right-Sizing

Set your own configuration parameters to right-size your VMs, allocate resources according to workload, and get recommendations on improving performance and controlling costs.