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Inscape Anomaly

Using Machine Learning algorithms, Inscape Anomaly provides quick cost anomaly alerts and predictions for your Azure and AWS environments. Our service does the work for you by monitoring your daily consumption patterns to eliminate any surprises in your bill.

Never Be Surprised by Your Cloud Bill Again

Many factors can cause unexpected increases in your bill. Get the alerts you need to identify anomalies as soon as they happen in your Azure, AWS and GCP bill spend. Inscape Anomaly's dashboard lets you to see what’s happening in your cloud subscription, account or project with historical, current and forecasted data.

Continuous Cloud Cost Management

Get the anomaly detection you need with machine learning technology that analyzes cost patterns from the past 60 days.

User-Friendly Graphical Dashboard

See what’s happening in your cloud subscription, manage alerts, and view reports.


Choose which subscriptions, accounts or projects you want Anomaly to track.


Easily set up and manage cost anomaly email alerts so you can stay up to date on your environment at all times.


Get notified right away when any resource creations or deletions happen in your environment.

Resource Spend Tracking

Stay up to date on granular subscription, resource group and resource spend tracking.


Predict future cost anomalies across subscriptions, accounts, projects and resource groups so you can take action.

Identify and Track Changes

Identify and track anomalies in your environment, leading up to and at the time the anomaly occurs.

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Never be surprised by Cloud bills again with CDW Inscape Anomaly.

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