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The availability of IT systems is the heartbeat of a positive customer experience. Maintain the health and performance of complex applications with observability. CDW can help you establish observability and improve troubleshooting.

The Importance of Observability

As businesses continue to grow, so do their technology systems. Monitoring and tracking the performance of hundreds of applications across various environments is no easy feat. Often, developers and operations do not have enough visibility into metrics and data.

Having a mature observability posture can help you ensure the reliability, security and performance of critical services by helping your teams determine the root cause of problems and predict future issues.

CDW’s observability experts can help you improve visibility into your IT enterprise to provide resilience for platforms and services delivered by your organization.

Observability Strategy Components

CDW experts can help you create an observability strategy that allows for a faster and less risky implementation while ensuring an effective solution.

Infrastructure Observability

Ensure operations can spot and prevent issues related to the back-end operations (network, server, storage, cloud, etc.) to minimize downtime and service degradation and enhance reliability wherever the application resides.

Application Performance Management (APM)

Maintain high levels of user satisfaction and business continuity by proactively identifying and resolving bottlenecks or failures, meeting SLA compliance and regulatory requirements, and enabling rapid incident response.

People, Process and Technology

Effective alignment of people, processes and technology enables operations teams to respond quickly to changing business needs, minimize disruptions, enhance service quality, and drive innovation and continuous improvement.


Detect, diagnose and resolve issues faster, proactively predict and prevent disruptions, and optimize IT infrastructure and services using AI and ML techniques for advanced analytics, automation and orchestration.

OpenTelemetry (OTEL)

Leverage OTEL’s unified framework for telemetry data to standardize observability practices, promote interoperability between different tools and ecosystems, and build and operate more maintainable distributed systems.

Event Automation

Automate processes, scripts and tools to respond more quickly and consistently to IT events (system alerts, alarms, etc.), reducing manual effort, minimizing human error and downtime, and improving operational efficiency.

How CDW Helps You Improve Observability

Our comprehensive approach ensures every aspect of your observability platform is efficient and customized to your unique needs.

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Get data insights using a wide range of assessments, from tool rationalization to journey mapping — with recommendations and roadmaps to help you track growth.

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Tool Selection and Design

Establish a strong observability posture with our bespoke tool selection services and observability platform design and architecture. We find solutions that meet your needs and scale with your enterprise.

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Optimize your IT operations and realize optimal business analytics with our expert integration of observability platform deployment, configuration and modernization services.

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Lab Services

To help rationalize products and prove value, we’ll develop a custom observability pipeline, conduct use-case testing, and create single- or multi-platform proofs of concept.


Speed Up Issue Resolution with Full-Stack Observability

Observability is a critical practice for IT teams responsible for maintaining the health and performance of complex applications. By implementing full-stack observability, organizations gain a comprehensive view of an application’s behavior, performance and health, helping quickly identify and resolve issues as they arise.

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