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Running low on space for files on your computer? Store your data and applications and increase  performance of your PC or laptop by installing an internal hard drive with a larger capacity than your current hard drive size. If you're not sure what type of data storage you need for your particular device or application, check out our data storage type and attribute guide.


Direct attached storage includes hard drives, SSDs, CD/DVD drives and flash drives. They directly attach to computers and tend to be more afforadable than network attached storage (NAS) devices, but more difficult to share the files between computers.


Data storage devices fall into 2 categories: primary storage devices like RAM and secondary storage devices like a hard drive. Secondary storage devices are then grouped into three primary subcategories: removable, internal and external. Removable storage includes SD cards, CD/DVDs/Blu-ray discs, tape media and thumb drives. Internal storage is anything contained within a case, which can include SSDs and HDD, plus NVMe SSDs. Newer internal storage solutions have flash memory and no spinning parts, making them less prone to breaking and more efficient.


Need storage across your organization? Enterprise storage drives are designed to save data in devices that are operational 24/7 such as workstations and servers. Most enterprise drives have storage capacities beginning with one-terabyte of space.

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