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Server Racks & Enclosures. Orchestrated by CDW.

Racks and cabinets house and protect mission-critical IT systems. They’re important components in any data center. Server racks and shelves organize hardware systems, helping build structured data rooms that are reliable, scalable and secure. Several varieties and configurations of server racks are available including server cabinets, portable racks, data center cages, open frame racks, wall-mount racks and rack drawers.

Air Distribution & Cooling

Enclosed spaces such as cabinet racks or server rooms can quickly rise in temperature, leading to performance problems in the long run. Air distribution and cooling units are affordable add-ons that keep equipment cool and prevent overheating. You can browse cooling solutions such as smart thermostats and other air distribution and cooling devices at CDW today! 

Rack Accessories

Accessories such as power distribution units, hardware enclosures, or battery backups can significantly improve the quality of your network infrastructure. These devices create redundancies that ensure operations won't be hindered by environmental disasters or other disruptions in service. Speak with an expert at CDW today to learn more about rack accessories and the benefits they can provide. 

Racks & Cabinets

Sometimes the rate at which network infrastructure needs to grow can greatly exceed that of the space available. Racks and cabinets help alleviate this issue by saving space and optimizing the organization of network equipment. Proper organization of hardware and cabling also streamlines network maintenance and troubleshooting. You can browse a wide range of racks and cabinets at CDW today. 

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