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Get high quality, reliable power protection for network closets, server rooms and enterprise data centers.

Power. Orchestrated by CDW.

Almost every business today depends upon electronic components to complete transactions, meet customer needs and perform workplace duties. As technology advances, it becomes more sensitive to outside forces. Take control by implementing power, cooling and rack solutions from CDW.

Battery Backups

Technology is the backbone of any modern business and having reliable hardware can make all the difference when it comes to the success of daily operations. Battery backups are powerful tools that can provide ease to any IT infrastructures. Using a battery backup can ensure that operations are not affected by such problems as brownouts, blown fuses, or other temporary loss of power. Speak with the experts at CDW today to learn how battery backups can benefit your business.

Power Inverters

Power inverters are versatile tools that increase the viability of any powered hardware. These devices convert DC electricity from batteries and other outside sources to AC power usable by most modern devices. In a car, power inverters will allow you to use much more substantial equipment without the need for extra power or extension cords. You can browse a wide range of affordable power inverters at CDW today!

Power Management

Power management solutions such as metered outlets can help protect and control your most important hardware. These devices work to regulate power consumption and ensure that no one device has too much or too little electricity. Specific devices can even enable such powerful features as remote booting and individual outlet control. Speak with an expert at CDW today to learn more about a wide range of power management solutions.

Power Strips & Surge Protectors

One of the most essential office accessories that often go forgotten are power strips and surge protectors. These devices are the first line of defense for many electronics at home or in the office. Whether you need more outlets or wish to protect high-end components from sudden outages, power strips and surge protectors are here to help. 

Racks & Enclosures

Server rooms and data centers can house some of the most critical pieces of equipment for your organization. Racks and enclosures work to organize and protect this vital hardware and ensure operations stay as optimal as possible. Beyond organizational help, these enclosures can also provide added features such as added cooling or cable management.

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