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Today's workforce is global, constantly on the move and located in different states, countries and time zones. Fostering team collaboration and communication is difficult when you cannot get your entire team in one room. Your mobile workforce needs technology to help bring it together.

To improve team dynamics, consider taking advantage of the advances that have been made in video conferencing. The ability to see team members even when they are not physically in the room provides connection and a sense of comradery.

VoIP phones are an important staple of any business, especially global ones with team members located at company headquarters, in home offices or out in the field. While you can email and instant message for information, sometimes it is easier to pick up the phone and call. Ensure clear, crisp sound during any call or videoconference with a wired or wireless headset

Your business requires skilled employees to grow and thrive, but sometimes those employees are located away from the office. Easily connect your employees and create a seamless team with phone and video conferencing products from CDW.

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