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Sit & Stand Desks

Adjust your desk between sitting and standing heights with ease to maximize health and comfort. 

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Interactive Whiteboards

Our interactive whiteboards help your team or class optimize collaboration and learning. 

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Office Furniture. Orchestrated by CDW.

Create a comfortable workspace with office furniture and accessories. CDW has the products to maintain productivity without restricting your devices.Whether you're trying to set up your office space, your home work space or anywhere else, keep productive and maintain your health with sit-stand desks or other ergonomic solutions from CDW.

Office Furniture

Whether you work from home or are back to commuting, high-quality office furniture can elevate workplace aesthetics and functionality. Standing desks are quickly rising in popularity because of their many health benefits and versatility, while powerful devices such as Smart Boards unlock near-limitless possibilities for collaboration. You can create the perfect workspace with the wide selection of office furniture and accessories available at CDW today. 

Sit & Stand Desks

Spending significant time at a desk for work or school can often cause problems such as back or neck cramps. Sit & stand desks are quickly becoming very popular because they enable users to easily shift between sitting or standing while using the desk. The wide variety of ways a standing desk can be configured allows them to be used for long periods without risk of adverse health effects. Talk with an expert at CDW today to learn more about standing desks and other beneficial office furniture. 

Interactive Whiteboard

When it comes to collaboration, few tools are as powerful as an interactive whiteboard. Using an interactive whiteboard lets users easily interact with elements onscreen such as pictures, presentations, or any supported application. These intelligent displays come in a variety of sizes, but all provide similar benefits. To learn more about the many models of interactive whiteboards and their benefits, speak with an expert at CDW today.

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