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Looking to charge a dozen devices at the same time? Most rooms aren't equipped with enough outlets to accommodate a dozen individual charges. Utilize our wide selection of charging carts to efficiently charge all of your devices at one time. CDW partners with trusted brands to provide all size carts including types that hold 30 or more devices.


Devices such as laptops or tablets are invaluable tools in the modern workspace. Unfortunately, the benefits provided by the mobility of these devices are limited by the battery life of said electronics. Charging carts are an efficient solution to store and manage mobile devices in a workspace. By using a charging cart to store portable electronics, you can assure they are always fully charged and ready at a moment’s notice.

Charge and Management

Keeping track of portable electronics or workplace tools such as radios can quickly become a hassle as the number of devices in use increases. Charging and management carts are a great way to consolidate smaller portable electronics and ensure they are always ready to be used. To learn more about charging carts and managing your workplace devices, speak with a manager at CDW today.

Sync and Charge

Portable devices such as walkie-talkies, mobile registers, or tablets are powerful tools that provide your employees the ability to work anywhere. Managing a large number of portable devices can become a challenge. However, sync and charge stations exist the provide a set location for devices to be accessed. Employees can rest assured knowing crucial devices will always be charged and in optimal conditions. Speak with the experts at CDW today to learn more about device management and how sync and charge stations can improve your workspace.

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