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To ensure your business operates smoothly, you need a steady supply of office basics. Whether it’s a large-scale facility or a simple home office, workplace supplies keep your business up and running. Office products fall into a variety of categories including desk supplies, safety and cleaning supplies, stationery and mailing, office furniture and storage, print and paper technology.

Technology forms the backbone of modern-day businesses, which is why desktop accessories are a necessity. Beginning with PCs and laptops, desktop items run the full gamut of supplies that include hardware and software tools. USB power banks, mobile charging kits and wireless charging pads ensure your devices never run out of power. A wireless router is an essential device that keeps all hardware within your network connected. External hard drives, copiers, scanners and printers are technology basics that every office needs.

Ergonomic furniture solutions prevent the risk of musculoskeletal disorders that result from sitting all day long in an awkward posture. Aesthetically designed office furniture enhances the look and feel of the space.

Antifatigue mats are a terrific choice for those who prefer to stand and work. They have a cushioned surface that takes the pressure off hips, feet, knees and backs while standing, offering comfort throughout the day. Specific workspaces require specialty office supplies that cater to the special needs of the staff.

For doctors’ offices and clinics, medical and utility carts are a practical choice since they allow practitioners to bring smart devices and supplies to different examination rooms. Check out our list of office basics necessary for a functional workspace.

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