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Wireless access points (WAPs) are networking tools that allow wireless devices to connect to the wired network. These appliances are essential for small and large businesses and accommodate several internet users simultaneously on desktops or mobile hotspots.

External WAP

Wireless access points, or WAPs, are a key tool when it comes to extending the scope and range of your network. Wireless access points can be installed in a number of variations or as dedicated external devices. Every time you add a wireless access point to your network, you extend the range and number of devices your network can support. Speak with an expert at CDW today to learn about the many different variations of wireless access points and their benefits.

In-Ceiling WAP

Wireless access points work to extend the range of your network within a building, office, or home. In-ceiling wireless access points work like any other access device. However, they are meant to be mounted within or attached to the ceiling of a workspace. Mounting to the ceiling means that these wireless access points take very little space and are viable in almost any location. You can shop a wide range of mountable and external access points at CDW today.

Wall/Ceiling Mountable WAP

Depending on the size of your workspace, you may need to add wireless access points to extend the range of your network. Wall mountable wireless access points are a tremendous solution for offices where space is an issue and can be easily added to any wall or the ceiling if necessary. To learn which type of wireless access point is best for your network, speak with the experts at CDW today.

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