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Ethernet Switches. Orchestrated by CDW.

In a home or office, Ethernet switches serve as a central hub for various hardware components such as computers and printers to communicate with each other. Also known as network switches, these devices connect the various elements of an enterprise network, offering effective performance and efficient use of the resources linked to the system. Want to learn more about Ethernet switches? Be certain to check out our article on how Ethernet switches work and which type is best for you.


Not too familar with network switches or not sure what you need? Learn what a network switch is, the differences between a network switch vs. a hub vs. a router, and all the different types of network switches out there you can select from.


Local area network (LAN) switches offer a separate connection for the computers or devices within a company’s internal network. LAN switching technology boosts the overall efficiency of the LAN and helps tackle bandwidth issues. For businesses that deal with LAN congestion and high traffic issues, LAN switches are a brilliant choice since they distribute bottlenecks to smaller LAN segments for reduced congestion.


Based on the Fiber Channel protocol, Fiber Channel switches allow data transfer between various storage devices and servers. Designed for high-performance networks, a storage area network (SAN) or Fiber Channel switch can handle heavy transaction loads over fiber channel-based systems.


D-Link® desktop switches help boost the speed of your network server for faster file transfers and reliable data transmission that enhances productivity, improving gigabit speeds and delivering power and performance. Investing in Ethernet switches allows businesses to set up resilient networks with optimized traffic. Check out a wide selection of modular switches and network devices like Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors that offer reliable connectivity for smooth business operations.


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