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Security Cameras & Surveillance

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Security Cameras & Surveillance. Orchestrated by CDW.

Security CCTV cameras are property protection tools that act as a deterrent to delinquent behavior and capture evidence of crimes.  Track unwarranted movement on your property, guard against break-ins and burglaries or send a constant stream of video for security guards to monitor remotely. 

Proximity Cards & Readers

As the size of an office grows, so does the security needs of that business. Proximity cards and card readers are powerful tools that can securely restrict access to sensitive areas of your business. Proximity cards can be assigned to employees, which adds another level of security and accountability to operations. Speak with a professional at CDW today to learn more about proximity cards and other beneficial security solutions.

Security Cameras

One of the most crucial security solutions for any business is the implementation of cameras. Security cameras work to protect both employees and customers by providing an easy way to monitor a workspace remotely or from a central location. Cameras can be purchased and added to existing networks or sold as complete kits with multiple cameras, monitors, or other accessories. Many security camera systems are also scalable and can easily grow along with a business. You can shop a wide range of security cameras and accessories at CDW today. 

Surveillance Equipment

Security is a crucial part of any workspace. With the proper surveillance equipment, you can keep your employees, clients, and office as safe as possible. Security cameras and other monitoring solutions improve security by alerting staff to problems as soon as they arise or even preemptively in some cases. You can speak with an expert at CDW today to learn more about the wide range of surveillance equipment and how it can help secure your business. 

Thermal Cameras & Screening

Cameras within a business can be used for much more than just security. Thermal cameras can monitor temperatures in server rooms and prevent catastrophic system failures before they ever occur. Screening solutions can also be used to monitor employees and clients for such conditions as elevated body temperatures. Speak with an expert at CDW to learn more about the newest security solutions available today.

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