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Work or play, view content in high definition. CDW offers a range of large format displays and TVs, as well as peripherals to help you stay connected. No matter your industry, we get TV and video solutions to get your message across.

Large Format Displays

While computer monitors are suitable for most desks or standard office setups, large format displays are ideal for working with large groups or giving top-of-the-line presentations. Large format displays provide ample space to fit multiple video conferencing parties on the same screen in order to create the best video conferencing experience possible. For retail or food service, large format displays are a great way to save expenses when switching signage or advertisements. Talk with the experts at CDW today to find out how a large-format display can improve your day-to-day operations.

Streaming Devices

These days everything from TV shows to software you use for work can be streamed to remote locations. Streaming devices such as capture cards or dedicated video encoders work to ensure that content broadcast across the internet maintains the highest quality possible. To learn more about how you could implement streaming devices in your business, call and chat with an expert at CDW today.


While not the same as a computer monitor, TVs are still a valuable resource for many workspaces. TVs of all sizes can be used to display long-term information or live data such as progress on client orders or employee statistics. TVs are also an affordable and excellent way to monitor security systems such as CCTV. In some cases, TVs can be used as PC monitors or displays for multiple devices. You can browse a wide range of TV solutions at CDW today.

TV Accessories

If you use multiple TVs within a single space, keeping track of remotes can also quickly become a hassle. TV accessories such as universal remote controls work the remedy these problems and make using single or multiple displays much more manageable. You can shop a wide range of TV accessories at CDW today.

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