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Microphone & Audio Systems. Orchestrated by CDW.

Supply conference rooms, studios and live performance venues with electronic microphones and audio systems, featuring wireless and wired types. Shop audio equipment on CDW.com.

Amplifiers & Voice Recorders

High-quality audio equipment is a valuable tool for any business. Amplifiers and microphones can take presentations to the next level and ensure your message is heard. Portable amps can make taking your business anywhere a breeze and remove location-based limitations. With voice recorders, you can easily store valuable audio information with the press of a button and listen to it at any time. Speak with a professional at CDW today to learn more about amplifiers, voice recorders, and the possibilities of adding new audio equipment to your business. 

Audio Equipment

Everything from MP3 players to two-way radios can be a valuable tool for your business. Microphones can be used everywhere, from boardrooms to concert halls. When paired with other equipment, microphones take your audio to the next level. Even an affordable pair of speakers can vastly improve the quality of video calls and presentations. Speak with an expert at CDW today to learn more about the benefits of high-quality audio equipment in your work or personal life. 

iPods & MP3 Players

While smartphones have the ability to play audio and MP3s, dedicated devices are still a popular choice for many users. These days, modern portable audio devices, such as iPods, are much smaller than their smartphone counterparts, which is ideal for exercise and other activities. Dedicated MP3 players are also a much more affordable solution than smartphones in regard to audio playback. Speak with the team at CDW today to shop a wide range of iPods and MP3 players. 


Everything from gaming to video calling requires some form of microphone. A poor-quality microphone can distract an audience and do more harm than good for your business. CDW has an extensive range of microphones available for users of any level. Whether you need a new headset for gaming, a USB mic to improve conference calls, or an XLR studio-grade solution, CDW has got you covered. 


Laptops often come with some kind of speaker or audio output. Unfortunately, built-in audio devices can be severely limited in terms of volume or quality. Speakers are an excellent, affordable solution to low volumes and can often be used with a wide range of devices. CDW has a large selection of speakers ranging from speakers for pc or home office use, to those for waiting rooms or presentation halls.

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are found everywhere from retail sales to corporate security and everything in between. These powerful devices can provide instant communication across short to medium distances and are ideal for fast-paced environments where every second counts. These days, two-way radios come in many different shapes and sizes, such as earpieces or the more traditional walkie-talkies. Speak with an expert at CDW today to learn about how two-way radios can improve your business. 

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