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CDW can assist you with all your electronic equipment needs. From smart phones to video camcorders and microphones to virtual reality headsets, CDW has you covered.

Cameras & Video Cameras

Whether you are looking to capture family memories or stream to an audience, a proper camera is a crucial piece of equipment. Many modern video cameras can interface with multiple devices and be used for many tasks, including but not limited to video calls, remote learning, or streaming and recording. CDW has a massive selection of cameras and accessories perfect for users of all levels available today.


An excellent headset or pair of headphones can make using any device more enjoyable. When video calling, headphones add a level of privacy and professionalism to all communications. For competitive gaming, headphones and often microphones are a must to communicate with team members and other players. No matter how you use your PC, a nice pair of headphones can improve your user experience. CDW has headphones available for any device and many that can work with multiple. Shop for your next pair of headphones at CDW today.

Microphone & Audio Systems

Tasks ranging from casual video calls to professional sound recording all require a microphone. Some headphones come with built-in recording devices but can be limited in configuration or viability for multiple users. Dedicated microphones and audio systems take sound recording to the next level and guarantee that communications and recordings of any kind are as clear as possible. You can shop wired and wireless microphone solutions of all levels at CDW today.


Everything from your daily steps to emails and voice messages can be displayed via a smartwatch. These versatile devices pair with phones or tablets and have quickly become an invaluable tool for many individuals. With a smartwatch, you can monitor many health signs as well as track communications while remaining hands-free. You can speak with an expert at CDW today to learn which smartwatches are compatible with your current devices and how they can benefit your daily routine. 

STEM & Robotics

Getting kids to want to learn can sometimes be a challenge. Robotics and maker kits are an excellent way to pique a child's interest while teaching them valuable STEM ideas and concepts. CDW has a wide range of robotics kits of all levels perfect for education or hobbyists. Other products such as Raspberry PI kits can be used for near limitless projects both at home and in the office.

TV & Video

In the modern workplace, a TV is a powerful tool that can be used for much more than just watching content. When used for advertising or in-office signage, TVs are a cost-effective way to update information quickly. Streaming devices can be paired with TVs to create smart displays that display live updates or specifically curated content. You can browse a wide selection of TVs and video equipment at CDW today.

Video Games

Gaming is more popular than ever. Having access to top-of-the-line peripherals is essential to getting the most out of your gaming PC or console. Whether you need a new VR headset or the buttons on your trusty controller have finally run out, CDW has a large assortment of video games and video game accessories perfect for keeping you in the action. 


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