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Laptops offer an outstanding balance of portability, power and performance, which allows users to run demanding applications for enhanced performance on the go. Whether you’re looking to get serious work done, stream video content or communicate with co-workers, computer notebooks have you covered. Laptops come in several configurations with a wide variety of features, specs and across different price points, so there are plenty of options available.

Intel® Core™ i7notebooks feature the cutting-edge Core i7 processor that offers superior computing performance. Core i7-powered systems are ideal for demanding applications, including media editing, advanced gaming and rich media creation. For a practical option, 14-inch notebooks are ideal for those seeking a compact device that’s easy to carry. If portability is a clinching factor, tablets are the best choice. Tablets are smaller and lighter than most compact laptops and can fit in purses or bags, making them an ideal fit for frequent travelers.

When choosing a computer notebook, it’s important to consider how you’ll be using it. Weight and form factor are also important since most users require easily portable laptops. Pay attention to vital specs like screen size, random-access memory (RAM) and battery life. Ensure all these important parameters align with your work and lifestyle needs for the best selection. While laptops address your requirements for mobility and convenience, desktops are a terrific option for those who prefer a fixed workspace. Check out these devices that’ll help you accomplish your computing requirements.

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