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CDW carries many top-selling brands with a reputation for quality projectors. Choose from trusted brands like AVer, Casio, Da-Lite and Epson.

There are many different types of projectors, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Among the most popular types are office, portable and short throw projectors, but there are many types more suitable for more specific applications.

Document Cameras 

Projectors are powerful tools for education and business. Specialized projectors such as document cameras can elevate lessons and presentations by flawlessly sharing physical documents digitally. Some document scanners can even act as scanners and create high-quality PDFs of critical physical documents. If you have any questions about the many functions of a document camera, call or chat with the professionals at CDW today.  

Interactive Projectors 

With the power of interactive projectors, you can take presentations and lessons to the next level. The innovative technology in interactive projectors allows for multiple users to share a large interactive workspace. Interactive projectors are a great way to get some of the benefits of smart panels or interactive displays at a fraction of the cost. Speak with an expert at CDW today to see how a new projector could benefit your home or business.


Large Venue Projectors 

For professional media and top-of-the-line home theatres, large venue projectors are a must. These powerful devices can be installed in nearly limitless configurations and are made to display massive images in the highest quality possible. Deciding on a large venue projector can be a serious investment, so be sure to speak with the experts at CDW if you have any questions about available features or installation. 

Office Projectors

Presentations and meetings have been using projectors since the technology has been available. Office projectors are a great way to highlight specific information in a presentation or stand out among potential clients when pitching your services. In certain situations, office projectors can even be used to display live information to a workspace or display data for a large group of individuals. 

Short Throw Projectors

One of the few challenges of using a projector is finding an adequate space for the device. Certain projectors may require a considerable distance from the display surface and are not convenient for every occasion. Short throw projectors are specialized projectors designed to work over short distances without losing out on image quality or display surface size. These devices are excellent for home offices or theatres but still have the power and clarity to be used in any professional setting as well. 

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