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Monitor cables come with a broad range of connectors such as Digital Visual Interface (DVI™) and High Definition Media Interface (HDMI®) to suit your requirements. Designed with different ports on each end, display adapters from brands such as Tripp Lite® and StarTech.com, enable you to enjoy crisp visuals from incompatible devices. Their simple plug-and-play construction allows fast DIY installation. Most display cables and adapters support use with a wide range of devices such as projectors and gaming consoles for increased versatility.

Display cables often come with lengthy cords that provide extended reach. Crafted from tough and flexible materials, they offer enhanced durability. Since HDMI cables transfer audio and visual data through a single interface, they help eliminate unsightly clutter from your work or entertainment setup. Using DisplayPort® (DP) cables, you can enjoy 4K audio/visual signals on your high-definition monitor for immersive entertainment. Most Video Graphics Array (VGA) cable connectors have a screw-lock mechanism to ensure secure installation. Equipped with dual ports, splitters let you simultaneously project media on two displays to complement productivity.

Monitor adapters convert the attributes of incompatible connectors to allow efficient transmission of data. Their compact build facilitates easy portability and speedy setup. Connect legacy computer models to current Ultra-High Definition (UHD) large format displays using HDMI to VGA adapters.

Before choosing a monitor cable or adapter, check its data transmission rating. Also, ascertain the type of port on your input and output devices. Check out our selection of cables with ferrite cores and radio frequency (RF) shielding to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) for optimal display quality.

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