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The right computer monitor or display can make all the difference. Whether you need a monitor for multitasking or gaming or one in between, we get that a good monitor is important to you. CDW offers a huge range of monitor and display types so you can make an impact, with response times of less than 2 ms and 4k resolution. Plus, we partner with all the best monitor brands including AcerASUSHPLenovoLGMSIViewSonic and many more.

Computer Monitors 

Computer monitors are an integral part of any setup. For gaming and specific industries, high-resolution monitors are a must and need to be paired with an adequate graphics card. Other display solutions, such as business computer monitors, are more affordable and are capable of standard office tasks such as word processing or web browsing. No matter what you need a display for, CDW has got you covered with a large selection of computer monitors from industry-leading brands and manufacturers. 

Large Format Displays

One of the most powerful tools for a modern business is the implementation of large format displays. Everything from adaptive menus to digital signage and anything in between can quickly be displayed or adjusted on these large screens. Devices such as smart boards have changed the educational landscape and make lessons and presentations more accessible and diverse than ever before. For advertising, these displays save you money and significantly reduce paper waste and your company's environmental footprint. Speak with an expert at CDW today to learn more about how a large format display can benefit your business. 

Monitor Accessories

Depending on where you are using a PC, you may need unique monitor accessories to get the most out of your machine. The experts at CDW can help you determine which accessories will work best for you and how they can improve your setup. Monitor accessories like mounts or privacy screens allow you to maximize productivity in any location. Other accessories like specific cables or adapters work to ensure any device can interface and work with any monitor. 


While not technically monitors, projectors are a common form of computer display. By using a projector, you can obtain display sizes far more extensive than any screen. These large-size displays are perfect for video conferencing with groups, work presentations, staff meetings, or just enjoying a movie night with the family. If you have any questions about how a projector could benefit you, call or chat with the experts at CDW today.


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