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In an increasingly mobile world, business employees are constantly on the go — meeting at client sites, pitching to potential customers and working from hotels. Tablets are a useful tool for businesses because they are easy to transport and can be easily used anywhere. But tablets are often barebones, not providing the accessories and peripherals employees are accustomed to. 

Keyboards provide an easier, more ergonomic and more comfortable typing experience than the tablet's built-in touchscreen keyboard. With a quick snap, a tablet can instead be used like a laptop to take notes during meetings, type reports and more.

Another useful accessory is a tablet stylus that allows users to tap and manipulate data with the point of a pen instead of their fingertips. A stylus can also be used on specific tablets to take notes just like writing on paper.

Most importantly, due to their lack of screen cover, tablets require cases and covers to protect the touchscreen and other hardware. From OtterBox to MacLock, CDW partners with trusted brands to offer the best protection available for tablets. 

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