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Laptop Accessories. Orchestrated by CDW.

CDW partners with the most trusted brands, such as 3MLogitech and Belkin, to offer laptop accessories that meet the needs of your business and your employees.

Laptop Batteries 

The key defining feature of a laptop is that the device has a battery which allows it to operate without being connected to a power outlet. Laptop batteries come in all shapes and sizes and are not uniform or interchangeable. Using the wrong battery with a laptop can significantly damage any computer, so it is essential to check compatibility with experts like the ones at CDW before buying a replacement battery for your laptop

Laptop Chargers & Adapters 

Just like batteries, laptop chargers and adapters work to make laptop computers the portable powerhouses they are today. Sometimes a laptop's small form can reduce the number of ports on the machine. However, adapters work to eliminate that problem and ensure you can connect as many peripherals as need to any device. Chargers are not always interchangeable between laptops. Always carefully check DC output and port connections before purchasing or using a new charger with a laptop.

Laptop Memory

RAM or computer memory is one of the most crucial parts of any PC build, and laptops are no different. Desktop and laptop memory is different in size, power, and compatibility. In some cases, laptop memory may even be soldered to the motherboard and not be upgradable in the future. CDW has an extensive library of laptop memory and a team of knowledgeable experts ready to answer any questions you may have. 

Laptop Mounts

The portability of laptops has made them a prominent choice for businesses and professionals across a massive range of industries. One of the best features of laptops is that when combined with mounts, they can function much like their desktop counterparts. Mounts work to make using a laptop more comfortable and sometimes add extra ports or even outputs for external monitors. To learn more about how laptop mounts can improve your productivity, check out the wide range of products available at CDW. 

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