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Computer keyboards serve as a text input device for PCs and laptops, and the right one can improve the computing experience. Although PCs and laptops come with integrated or included keyboards, opting for a peripheral keyboard offers several advantages such as quick, efficient typing and an ergonomic setup that ensures better posture.

Wireless keyboards like the Apple® Bluetooth® keyboard eliminate the need for multiple cables and wires, reducing clutter on the desk for a tidy workspace. Bluetooth-enabled keyboards provide flexibility and are an excellent choice for those who work on multiple devices. Use a single keyboard to connect to every device in your network with no added cables or plug-ins. Most Bluetooth keypads couple with a device within a 30-foot range so that you can sit anywhere in the room and control any device via a wireless keyboard. Learn more about choosing the best wireless keyboard.

Traditional QWERTY keyboards use a standard layout that was originally designed for typewriters. Brydge keyboards come in two configurations, each capable of supporting devices like the Apple iPad® and Microsoft® Surface®. These wireless keypads elevate the functionality of tablets. Magic keyboards, produced by Apple is a Bluetooth keyboard compatible with many different devices. Gaming keyboards are usually QWERTY keyboards with a few extra keys that can be configured for gaming shortcuts. Magic and gaming keyboards are often backlit for enhanced usability. 

Choose a computer keyboard that enhances your typing or computing experience. Additional accessories like mouse pads and wrist rests boost user experience and take the pressure off wrists and fingers for a comfortable typing experience. An ergonomically designed keyboard allows for natural positioning of the hand and offers optimal wrist support to maximize comfort while reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury. Browse a broad range of keyboards and computer mice to configure an ergonomic and efficient work desk.

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