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The backbone of your computer, the motherboard is a circuit board that brings together your CPU, GPU, RAM and all your controllers. 

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The central processing unit, or CPU, is the brain of your computer. It processes and executes instructions. Shop the best CPU brands such as AMD and Intel.

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System Cooling Fans

Keep your components cool with computer fans. Fans dissipate heat from inside your computer case and prevent your components from overheating.

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Computer Components. Orchestrated by CDW.

PC components include the CPU, GPU, motherboard, PSU, memory, storage and PC cooling. Together these components give you an operational computer. CDW sells PC parts and components from all top brands, including AMD, ASUS, Intel, Samsung and many more. Find the latest and best PC components right here on CDW.com.

Computer Cases 

Your computer case is the most critical component when it comes to the look of your PC. Small form factor cases are ideal for smaller spaces, while large full-sized cases are perfect for workstations full of powerful components. When purchasing any PC part, it's crucial to consider compatibility. You can consult with the experts at CDW anytime to ensure you get the perfect computer case.

Computer Memory

RAM or computer memory is one of the most crucial parts of any PC build. Not to be confused with storage, memory does store data, but not for the long term. Computer memory is used for all active work being done on a PC. To put it plainly, the larger and faster your RAM, the faster your PC. Memory does have specific compatibility requirements, so make sure to check with the experts at CDW before finalizing a memory purchase. 


The processor or CPU is often referred to as the brain of the PC. Different motherboards work with specific CPUs, and the combination of the two creates the core of a computer's power. Some processors have integrated graphics that allow the CPU to display images and save money when graphics cards are not needed. CDW has a wide range of processors, ready for any task or budget. If you're not sure if CPU or RAM is more important to you, be sure to click the link and do your research.

Graphics Cards

When it comes to gaming and media creation, nothing is more important than graphics cards. These powerful components are in high demand due to the many tasks they can accomplish. Due to their power, graphics cards can require a substantial power supply. Every specification needs to be carefully considered before making a final decision. If you ever need help choosing a graphics card or building a new PC, CDW has the necessary experience and inventory to help you every step along the way and a guide on how to choose a GPU.


Almost every component in your computer will interact with your motherboard. Specific motherboards are made for specific processors. Motherboards also have unique chipsets, which will inform you as to all of the other supported peripherals and features of the component. For that reason, these two components are a common starting place when choosing parts for a new PC build. CDW can quickly help you find the best motherboard and processor combos on the market today and get your next build started on the right foot. 

Sound Cards

Some modern motherboards come with sound cards built-in, but almost all motherboards come with the option of adding a dedicated sound card to the system. Sound cards can also provide precise control over audio mixes and inputs from numerous peripherals. Dedicated sound cards take audio in a PC to the next level and are required for media creation professionals or users who want the most out of their audio. 

System Cooling Fans

With more significant computer power comes raising internal temperatures for your PC. The best way to reduce temperature and increase airflow in your computer is by adding more system cooling fans. Added fans can either intake cool air or push out hot air and help your computer work optimally in any condition or under any workload. System cooling fans, like any component, will need to be compatible with your motherboard and the rest of your PC. CDW has fans of all sizes ready and able to push your computing performance to the max.

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