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USB Cables & Adapters. Orchestrated by CDW.

CDW has thousands of USB cables ready to connect all your devices. Sometimes you may have a USB cable that works but needs a particular adapter to become compatible. USB adapters specifically work to connect peripheral devices of all kinds, and can even function as USB hubs to connect multiple devices to a single port.

USB Cables

All kinds of devices such as phones, computers, and tablets use USB cables to charge and transfer data. This means that USB cables are some of the most prevalent and important wires in the world. While commonly used for charging, USB cables are capable of much more, including but not limited to large data transfers or connecting powerful peripherals such as cameras or microphones. 

USB Hubs

Modern laptops and computers are becoming smaller and more efficient by the day. One minor drawback to these improvements is that the number of USB ports on devices is also shrinking. USB hubs work to remedy this problem and ensure that no matter how many ports a device may have, you still have access to whatever peripherals and accessories you may need. 

Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables come in many different lengths and speeds and provide you with the ability to get the most out of your network connections. By using an ethernet cable, you can take download speeds to the max your ISP will allow. Ethernet cables are a must for competitive gaming. They guarantee speedy and reliable connections to other players and game servers. Get the most out of your network with the many ethernet cables available at CDW.

Cable Management

Cable clutter can quickly turn the most powerful workstation into a hazard and significantly reduce productivity. Using organizational tools such as the ones available from CDW can help organize your cable clutter and keep you working as efficiently as possible. Cable raceways conceal large groups of longer cables. At the same time, tools like zip ties and sleeves can help free up space behind your PC and make troubleshooting and cleaning a breeze.

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