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Audio & Video Cables. Orchestrated by CDW.

By using the proper audio and video cables, you can get the most out of your equipment. HDMI cables allow for the transfer of high-definition video and audio on a single line. VGA cables only transfer images but are still common and necessary to connect to older monitors or computers. No matter what devices you need to connect, CDW has got you covered with its wide range of audio and video cables.

Ethernet Cables

When it comes to connecting networking equipment, ethernet cables are a must. Switches, routers, and certain access points can all increase speed and stability by using high-quality ethernet cables like those available from the professionals at CDW. Whether you need 50 feet of Cat5e cable or the fastest Cat6 cable, CDW has got you covered.

HDMI Cables

The modern standard for external displays is HDMI cables. These easy-to-use cables can connect a multitude of devices and transfer audio and video over a single cord. Some HDMI cables can even display 4K video and are required for such tasks as high-end gaming or media creation. CDW has HDMI and many other cables perfect for connecting all of your modern devices. Learn all you need to know about HDMI cables.

VGA Cables

For years VGA cables have been the standard for connecting computers to monitors. Recently HDMI cables have become the more common choice. However, many modern machines still have the option of using VGA cables. The blue color of VGA cables and VGA ports makes them easy to identify and replace. CDW even has cables and adapters that can make using VGA cables possible with most devices. 

HDMI Adapters

When it comes to connecting multiple displays or devices, having all the proper cables can quickly become a pain. CDW luckily offers a wide range of adapters that help to increase compatibility between devices. HDMI adapters work to maximize efficiency and capability. By utilizing the right cables and HDMI adapters, you can easily connect multiple devices to a single display. 

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