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CDW Blueprint to Design® is Ideal for Creating Customized Classrooms
October 13, 2020
CDW Blueprint to Design® is Ideal for Creating Customized Classrooms

CDW Blueprint to Design® is an ideal tool to help districts, schools and teachers reimagine their classrooms and building space to ensure they’re maximizing learning outcomes. The program, which recently received trademark status, was created in 2017 and helps educators navigate the addition of classroom IT products and technology and create collaborative learning environments. And since then, more than 900 K-12 schools and universities have participated in the program, including the Rochester City School District, where CDW helped design a truly modern classroom.

Now, schools can use this exclusive, value-add service to design a socially distanced classroom and/or modernize their learning space to reflect the latest teaching techniques and educational advancements. CDW Blueprint to Design® helps educators figure out the best classroom design for their space, ensuring that each area has a purpose and takes advantage of the entire room.

For education leaders interested in learning more, it’s an easy four-step process. It starts with a consultation with a CDW Education Strategist, trained in space design, to understand the goals and vision behinds their projects. The school then sends a blueprint and photos of their space to CDW, where a dedicated school design engineer completes 2D color renderings and options. Finally, the school will receive a completed design package, which is perfect for presentations or for including in their strategic plan.

“The increased efforts to integrate technology into modern learning environments has encouraged us to think about the impact the physical space has on student and educator success,” said Joe Simone, vice president of education at CDW-G. “We launched the CDW Blueprint to Design® program to serve as an entry point for education leaders to visualize what’s possible and facilitate a dialog on enhancing the student learning experience, which is even more top of mind today.”

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