CDW Spotlight
CDW is Named a Culture Champion by MITSloan and Glassdoor
October 19, 2020
CDW is Named a Culture Champion by MITSloan and Glassdoor

CDW is pleased to announce it has been named a Culture Champion, a recognition from the MITSloan Management Review and Glassdoor Culture 500. In perhaps the largest systematic study of culture, researchers at MIT rigorously measured hundreds of corporate cultures based off Glassdoor reviews. In the end, they chose fewer than 3.5% of companies to be Culture Champions, representing the very strongest cultures of large, American employers. CDW is proud to be one of them.

“At CDW, fostering a positive, coworker-centric culture where all coworkers feel included, supported and celebrated is an essential part of our success, said Liz Connelly, CDW chief human resources officer and senior vice president, coworker services. “We are honored to receive this recognition, which we believe is a direct reflection of the passion and commitment our coworkers bring each day, working collaboratively, solving problems and winning together in support of our customers.” 

Unlike other honors, there is no self-nomination or application process. MIT researchers chose their sample based on how many Glassdoor reviews the company had, then analyzed those reviews from large companies using the latest AI technology to accurately make sense of employees’ words.

Based on how favorably coworkers spoke about important cultural values such as collaboration, diversity and respect, the researchers determined that CDW’s culture was one of the most remarkably robust across a wide range of dimensions.