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About WatchGuard

WatchGuard develops multifunction security solutions that combine industry standard hardware, security features and policy-based management tools. WatchGuard provides easy-to-use protection for hundreds of thousands of businesses.


AuthPoint addresses the security gap with multi-factor authentication (MFA) on an easy-to-use cloud platform. WatchGuard adds mobile phone DNA as an identifying factor to ensure limited access to sensitive networks and cloud applications.

WatchGuard AuthPoint MFA Service

Get the power of AuthPoint MFA in an easy-to-administer cloud service and mobile phone app.

Secure Cloud Wi-Fi

Bring safe, protected airspace to your Wi-Fi environment. WatchGuard provides expansive engagement tools and visibility into business analytics, while eliminating administrative headaches and greatly reducing costs.

Hackers Hate WatchGuard

See the full range of security solutions WatchGuard brings to your network.

Network Security

WatchGuard's platform is designed for any organization, from small and midsize businesses to distributed enterprise organizations. WatchGuard network security is built with a focus on ease of deployment, use and ongoing management.

A Trusted Industry Leader in Security

WatchGuard protects employee data no matter where business takes them.

Actionable Visibility

Network visibility is crucial. WatchGuard's full suite of tools give you valuable insight into the state of your network and how best to defend it.

WatchGuard Network Protection and Visibility

Learn about the four biggest blind spots in network protection and security today.

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