Symantec by Broadcom Software and CDW

With over 2,800 patents, Symantec has the tools and foundational portfolio to deliver comprehensive cyber defense. Together, Symantec and CDW can provide the cyber defense your business needs to thrive in a modern era.

WE GET Integrated Cyber Defense

The Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform delivers endpoint security, network security, information security, and identity security across on-premises and cloud infrastructures. Give your security professionals the tools and technology they need to protect your most important asset ⁠— your business.

Symantec Cyber Defense: Address Every Control Point

Every enterprise faces daunting challenges in protecting its business.
The Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense portfolio has your business covered from every angle.


Identity Security

Mitigate cyberattacks on user identities by enforcing granular security polities and stopping unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Information Security

Protect your sensitive data across endpoints, cloud services, private apps and on premises with integrated information security solutions.


Networking Security

Guard your day-to-day email and web access vulnerabilities with advanced Symantec threat protection technologies and solutions.

Endpoint Security

Traditional endpoint solutions are no longer enough to protect your organization against ransomware and targeted attacks. Symantec Endpoint Security solutions prevent, harden, detect and respond to emerging threats across your devices, servers and cloud workloads.

Symantec SASE

Data and people are everywhere, and they need to connect securely from anywhere. The Symantec SASE solution centers protection on your users with lower latency and improved performance.

Stop threats in their tracks, wherever they attack with Symantec by Broadcom Software and CDW.

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Stop threats in their tracks, wherever they attack with Symantec by Broadcom Software and CDW.