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Nasuni File Data Platform

A leading provider of file data services for file storage, backup, ransomware protection and access for hybrid workers

Branch Continuity

Built-in File Data Services

The Nasuni File Data Platform is a cloud-native replacement for traditional network-attached storage (NAS) and file server infrastructure, but with many more advanced capabilities. Nasuni consolidates file data in easily expandable, highly-durable object storage such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud object storage at a fraction of the cost of on-premises or other cloud solutions. 

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Rapid Ransomware Recovery

By the time an attack is detected, your organization’s files will already have been encrypted by the malicious code and will need to be recovered. Nasuni provides protection with the ability to quickly recover lost files.

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Detect the Latest Ransomware Threats

The Nasuni Ransomware Protection add-on service delivers in-line detection of live ransomware attacks while filtering out false positives and staying up-to-date on the latest emerging variants. E-mails and notifications keep you on high alert with comprehensive logging of all malicious file activity so you can quickly scope and quarantine the threat to prevent further damage.

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Meet the Challenges of Hybrid and Remote Work Environments

Organizations are looking to build a competitive and productive environment for their distributed workforce and face the challenge of providing access to file data in a secure and efficient manner. Nasuni Access Anywhere add-on service strategically addresses the security and performance needs and delivers seamless file access for your remote and hybrid users along with productivity tools that let them manage files from anywhere across the globe.

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Call 800.800.4239 to contact us about Nasuni storage solutions now.

Call 800.800.4239 to contact us about Nasuni storage solutions now.